8/10/16: The wait is finally over! King Of An Empire To The Shoes Of A Misfit, 2nd Edition, available now!! First 100 copies hand numbered and signed.


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Late in the summer of 1998, after having left his position as lead singer of the Misfits, Myke Hideous began writing an autobiography about his career as an independent musician.
It took one year to write the original manuscript, researching and gathering data from the personal journals he kept over the years. Another year was spent editing and re-writing the book based on corrections, revisions and improvements made by editor Chris Uhl, and a third year was spent searching for a publisher to release it.

King Of An Empire To The Shoes Of A Misfit is Myke’s story on what it takes to be an independent musician in the underground music world. It exposes Myke’s life from the time he created The Empire Hideous in 1988, all the way up to his brief position as lead singer for the Misfits.
This was how the original version of King Of An Empire To The Shoes Of A Misfit was spent being created. Then, on December 8th, 2005, after a few thousand books had been sold, Myke severed his contract with the publisher and stopped print all copies, ultimately rendering the book unavailable to the public for nearly a decade – that is, until now!

Shortly after the beginning of 2014, Myke announced that he would be re-releasing King Of An Empire To The Shoes Of A Misfit as a Second Edition print. But, before doing so he spent the summer re-editing the existing original chapters and also added a brand new chapter at the book’s end.

This new, Second Edition of King Of An Empire To The Shoes Of A Misfit features new front and back cover artwork, 30 new photographs out of 55 included throughout the book, re-edited versions of the first 10 chapters, and last but not least, the new 11th chapter detailing the time between 2000-2014.


King Of An Empire To The Shoes Of A Misfit – First Edition:

After Myke Hideous spent the spring and summer of 1998, as the lead singer for the legendary punk rock band the Misfits; playing some of the biggest shows/festivals the band ever played in its career, Myke began writing his own autobiography about his musical career. Stretching back 10 years from that point (1988) when Empire Hideous was in its infant stages, Myke explains how it all began leaving no rock unturned, no door left unopened, no secret untold. Critics who’ve read King Of An Empire To The Shoes Of A Misfit have praised the book as being “the bible of rock & roll,” and an “instructional guideline tool for those attempting to step into the world of rock & roll.” Myke tells everything that happened throughout his music career as it occurred. He provides facts, dates, time, locations and names exactly as they occurred due to the fact that he kept journals and logged everything he did in his life. In particular, Myke wrote two separate books while touring with the Misfits in Europe and South America, adding to the accuracy of his descriptive documentation. King Of An Empire To The Shoes Of A Misfit includes the shocking and devastating story of Myke’s illnesses that nearly killed him, twice; how he pieced together musicians to for Empire Hideous; how he wrote music, became a singer and learned how to play musical instruments without ever taking a lesson; his career as an arts and entertainment journalist and how he began rubbing elbows with high profile celebrities; sex, drugs, scandals, lies and rock & roll are all mentioned in the book. It also includes more than 50 photographs and 365 pages of reading material. Several thousand copies of King Of An Empire To The Shoes Of A Misfit (both hard cover and paperback) were sold between its release in 2002, to late 2005 when Myke halted its production, eliminating his contract with the publishers. Used copies of the book have been documented on eBay selling for as much as $150. The book has not been available since.

– Myke Hideous


“You¹d be hard pressed to find a more brutally honest nonfiction account of life as a musician. This intensely personal autobiography by Myke Hideous takes you from his beginnings with Empire Hideous through his time as lead singer of the Misfits to the present. Along the way, as if reading his diary, you rejoice in the opportunities and then plunge head long into the downward spiral of disappointments. Myke slices his soul open and lays it down in print for everyone to examine. No one is spared in this story. Loves and friends are won and lost and battles with death itself ensue. Musically, tricks of the trade and hard lessons are learned. If you¹re an Empire Hideous fan, or even a Misfit fan, this is the ultimate piece of memorabilia and an overpowering insight into the man behind it all. If you¹re a struggling musician it¹ll be an empowering read.”
– Blu, Editor of

“King of an Empire to the Shoes of a Misfit is a detailed and captivating snapshot of life from the underground by one whom lived it firsthand. Myke Hideous mostly details everything from his own notes written immediately after each incident, giving the reader the feeling of being there as it happened. He covers past illnesses, romantic troubles and band squabbles with honesty and introspection without apology or excuses. The book explodes the myths and glamour of a successful band as well as exposes unscrupulous opportunists who try to muscle the scene for their own gain. This memoir is loaded with juicy tidbits, bringing closure to some long standing underground rumors while also putting some people in the hot seat, opening yet another can of worms for some who deserve it most. It is a page-turner that you won’t be able to put down until the last page is read. Anyone even remotely interested in understanding the underbelly of the music business needs to read this book!”
– Mike Ventrola (

“Finally, a no bull look at what it takes to try to make it in the music industry today. And who better to tell you all about it than Myke Hideous himself. From fronting THE EMPIRE HIDEOUS to singing for the legendary Misfits, this in your face autobiography is a must read for music fans everywhere.”
– Mistress Raven, WXLV 90.3 (PA)

“Myke’s book is like finding someone’s secret diary. It’s very straightforward and honest. You have to admire his ballsiness to print it. Good job.”
– Perilous Cheryl WHUS (CT)

“King of an Empire to the Shoes of a Misfit couldn’t be more honest as well as being an instructional guide line to rock n roll. To all you kiddies who wanna be rock stars, read this book first!”
– Keith Roth WRAT-95.9 WDHA-105.5 (NJ)