THE EMPIRE HIDEOUS has a long and intriguing history, steered over the course of a 30 year period through the visionary concept of MYKE HIDEOUS. Formed in 1988, in the NJ/NYC area, EMPIRE HIDEOUS became a dominant musical force in the dark Gothic rock scene of the East Coast. Myke is the only original member of EMPIRE HIDEOUS to see the band rise to its popularity.

Adopting the DIY method, Myke wrote and composed all of the band’s music, choreographing theatrical stage performances for their intense live shows, as well as booking the gigs, creating the promotional materials, maintaining a mailing list, artwork, recording sessions, etc. After Myke broke up the band in February ‘98, he pursued other endeavors which included his brief time as lead vocalist for the legendary punk band THE MISFITS. After his time with The Misfits came to an end in 1999, he created and fronted a markedly different band, SpySociety 99, with a style and quality quite unlike anything he had done before. By 2001, amidst turbulent times, Myke reformed THE EMPIRE HIDEOUS with new musicians and a full-length Hideous album to follow, entitled Say Your Prayers.

THE EMPIRE HIDEOUS has been compared to mixes of notable bands like Type-O-Negative, Tool, and Marilyn Manson. For those versed in the underbelly of the music world, THE EMPIRE HIDEOUS has been compared to more alternative, underground, darker British acts such as The Sisters Of Mercy, Fields Of The Nephilim, The Mission UK, The Cult and The Chameleons.

During The EMPIRE’S hiatus between ‘98 and 2001, Myke participated in numerous projects. In ‘98, he was the lead singer for the world famous MISFITS, performing to nearly 100,000 people in just a few months touring most of Europe and parts of South America. From ‘99-2005, he recorded vocals under the name “SpY” on 3 separate albums with THE BRONX CASKET CO., a heavy metal, side project created by bassist DD Verni of OVERKILL. The band’s last album with Myke as vocalist, was entitled Hellectric, on Regain Records (Europe) / Candle Light Records (USA). In all, the Bronx Casket Company sold over 60,000 units worldwide. Immediately following his involvement with the MISFITS and during the era of Myke’s participation in the Bronx Casket Company, in late ‘98, he created the concept for SpySociety99 (a.k.a. SS99); A swingin’, rock-a-billy, death-rock, punk band with jazzy overtones. Although SS99 recorded a full-length album of upbeat, rockin’ songs (which included a cover from BAUHAUS and the MISFITS), they never signed to a label to release the album. After 14 years of waiting for the opportunity, the SpySociety99 LP/CD Die Punk, Die! was released in 2014, to a dedicated group of SS99 fans, receiving extremely favorable reviews.

In addition to all the musical endeavors Myke had involved himself in between 1998-2002, he spent three years (1998-2001) writing an autobiography, focusing on his musical career, his experiences and the hard road he traveled down in the underground music world. The book’s title, KING OF AN EMPIRE TO THE SHOES OF A MISFIT, speaks to the reader like a “one on one” conversation with the author. Unlike any other rock autobiography it chronicles his experiences within the music industry from the unique perspective of a cult status artist, in the dark rock, alternative music scene. The limited release in 2002 as both a hardcover and paperback sold nearly 3000 copies by 2005. The book was independently re-released in August 2016, re-written, new photos and a new last chapter. It is currently available in the STORE section of this web site.

In November 2001, Myke revived THE EMPIRE HIDEOUS with a new, yet temporary line-up of musicians and the band began performing once again embarking on a come- back tour dubbed: A Dark World Only Gets Darker, (a mini tour of the East & West Coast’s of the US, 2003).

Shortly after the reformation of the new millennium’s EMPIRE HIDEOUS, the band experienced numerous line up changes (yet again), but continued to play out regaining the status of the band’s reputation. Then, EMPIRE HIDEOUS released it’s most notable, full-length album to it’s ever growing fan base. That album was: Say Your Prayers, released through HELL’S HUNDRED RECORDS (NYC), followed by the Say Your Prayers Tour on both the east and west coasts, spanning 2004 and 2005.

THE EMPIRE HIDEOUS performed in venues around the country and participated in special events and tours such as:

  • THE PILGRIMAGE TOUR, (first American Goth Festival of it’s kind in ’93, mimicked ever since)
  • Cable TV USA Network’s “UP ALL NIGHT” – Halloween Special, with hostess RHONDA SHEER (a special event featuring performance clips of EMPIRE HIDEOUS throughout the airing of 2 Halloween movies broadcast nationally ’96)
  • “TIME TOUR” (North East & Midwest USA *HIDEOUS tour, ‘97)
  • “A DARK WORLD ONLY GETS DARKER-TOUR” (East & West Coast’s of USA, *HIDEOUS tour, 2003)
  • “SAY YOUR PRAYERS-TOUR” (East & West Coast’s of USA & Canada’s East Coast *HIDEOUS tour 2004-2005)
  • DRACULA’S BALL – PA (Dancing Ferret Production’s event 2005)

Myke Hideous has shared the stage with such musical artists as:
Black Sabbath, Pantera, Sonic Youth, Kraftwerk, Coal Chamber, Deftones, Marilyn Manson, Primus, Garbage, NO-FX, Mission UK, Sky Cries Mary, Electric Hellfire Club, Gene Loves Jezebel, David J (Bauhaus/Love & Rockets), Rasputina, Voltaire, Bella Morte, Seraphim Shock, The Wake, Tapping The Vein, Collide, Tony Wakeford/Sol Invictus (UK), and many other creative acts.

Hideous Resume / Discography:

  • 1990- The Empire Hideous- The band’s first recording as a 12”/EP, aka The Fly album; includes the original line up of band members; self released on Horrible Productions Records.
  • 1992- This Evil On Earth- An EP/cassette on Cyclopean Records (owned by members of The Misfits) featured the band’s most notable song “Mr. Barnum”, also included on UK compilation More Alternatives-Nightbreed Records.
  • 1993- Tales Of Charade- A 4-song video, out of print -Horrible Art Prod.
  • Live In NYC- A full-length performance video at CBGB’s featuring the band as a four piece; out of print -HAP Music.
  • Out Of Anger/Myke Hideous solo- A full-length LP/cassette; out of print. HAP Music.
  • 1994- Only Time Will Tell- The band’s 1st CD on New Dark Age Prod./HAP Music; features 1 track with cellist Julia Kent of Rasputina; out of print. The single “Kissing Your Poison” is featured on Masked Beauty In A Sea Of Sadness compilation; Goth Industry Records. Sold out.
  • 1995- To Build An Empire- A full-length film “mockumentary” by NYC film-maker Mark Steiner of Spectre Productions.
  • 1996- Act IV: “It’s Just A Matter Of Time”- EP/cassette, out of print-Black Vatican Records.
  • 1998- Myke joins the Misfits as the official lead singer. Tours most of Europe and parts of S.America throughout the summer. Upon returning from tour he is forced out of the band.
  • I’m Dead, You’re Dead, We’re All Dead-Live- A full-length LP/CD, live performance recording-Dismal Abysmal Recordings.
  • Victim Destroys Assailant- A full-length LP/CD, 13 tracks-Dismal Abysmal Recordings. Sold out.
  • 1999- The Bronx Casket Co releases it’s 1st self-titled LP; 15,000 units sell world wide-Massacre Records-Europe.
  • SpySociety99 begins performing throughout the East Coast of USA.
  • 2001- SpySociety99’s 4-song promo CD debuts. Extremely limited! About 100 copies exist.
  • Reeves Gabrels, former guitarist for David Bowie, expresses great interest in SS99 after meeting with Myke and hearing the demo; offers to produce the album and become the official guitarist for the band.
  • SS99 captures the attention of former Marilyn Manson member Gidget Gein, as he asks Myke to sing for his band The Dolly Gaggers. The offer is respectfully declined.
  • 2001- Myke revives a new version of Empire Hideous and performs 2 sold out shows in NYC & Philly, before flying to West Coast for mini tour.
  • The BronX Casket Co releases it’s 2nd LP: Sweet Home Transylvania in Europe, USA, Japan, S.America & Australia-Massacre Records (Europe)/ Music Cartel Records (USA).
  • 2002- Myke Hideous’ autobiography King of an Empire to the Shoes of a Misfit- AuthorHouse Publishing, is internationally released in November. Sold out.
  • 2003- Say Your Prayers- Hell’s Hundred Records- The band’s 1st full-length LP/CD in 5 years; sells 1000 units in 5 months.
  • 2004- Myke makes an appearance on FOX Network TV series Johnny Zero and a music video for German pop singer Nena (99 Luft Ballons).
  • Myke accepts an award for “Most Gothic Frontman” at a NYC award ceremony held at CBGBs.
  • Empire Hideous does it’s 1st Eastern, Canadian tour.
  • 2005- The Bronx Casket Co. releases it’s 3rd LP: Hellectric, on Regain Records (Europe), Candle Light Records (USA). Shortly thereafter, Myke leaves the band.
  • 2006- Body Of Work; a re-mastered compilation of the first 3 Empire Hideous releases comes out from Hell’s Hundred Records.
  • 2007- Myke begins working with guitarist Johnny Nickel on what will be the last Empire Hideous album of studio recorded material.
  • 2008- Myke makes official announcement that he will retire from the music industry with the release of his last Empire Hideous LP entitled: The Time Has Come.
  • Myke’s art web site Horrible Artwork hits the Internet in March.
  • 2009- Myke hires director Paul Basile in April and the two prepare for the making of the film/documentary Living The American Nightmare.
  • Peter Steele of Type-O-Negative offers to produce the upcoming Hideous album and begins pre-production work in late March. Peter unexpectedly dies of heart failure in early April and the album is left to be completed by Johnny Nickel and Myke.
  • 2011- The Time Has Come CD is released on Myke’s own label, Hideous Productions. It contains 15 tracks of newly recorded music. The last studio album to be released from The Empire Hideous. Produced by Myke Hideous & guitarist Johnny Nickel.
  • 2013- After 13 years the SpySociety99 CD is released with a three song bonus EP of newly recorded SS99 music. Released independently on Hideous Productions. Limited edition of 500 digipack CDs were pressed.
  • 2014- The final Empire Hideous CD to be released: Remixes Through Time. Contains remixed and unreleased versions of Hideous material. Released through New Dark Age/Hideous Productions.
  • 2018- Myke discovered 14 tracks of unreleased material from the January sessions from which the band recorded its Victim Destroys Assailant album. These songs are released as an mp3 album on January 1st 2018, 20 years from the very day they were recorded. The title of the album: The January Sessions-1998. Available only on this web site.

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