Say Your Prayers

69Full length CD

Track List:

  1. Terror Clone
  2. Art is Dead
  3. Two Minutes ‘Til Midnight
  4. Interlude
  5. My Mind Plays Tricks On Me
  6. Fallout
  7. Heaven Raining Bullets
  8. Welcome To The Here and Now
  9. If Only I Kept Dreaming
  10. Bound To Happen
  11. Post Hell
  12. Depart
  13. Stealing From The Crow

While Myke Hideous focused his energy on his new musical effort: SpySociety99 (SS99), between the 1998-2001, the tragedy of 9/11 would strike America as a devastating blow subsequently triggering the resurrection of The Empire Hideous. Inspired by a friend’s comment, “if ever there were a time for The Empire Hideous to resurface as America’s number one, apocalyptic gothic rock band, now would be that time-(M. Ventarola-2001). That motivating comment inspired Myke to reform a new Empire Hideous, with a new line up musicians. A small record distributor (Hell’s Hundred Record’s) planned to release a new CD for the band. All the music on the album was written and performed by Jeff Austin (guitarist) and Myke Hideous. The release of Say Your Prayers was a huge success and copies of the new CD sold out in a few months. Say Your Prayers contains 13 tracks or original Hideous music and contains one bonus track of the band performing a live version of “Stealing From The Crow” at the world famous CBGB’s. Two tracks on the album: “Two Minutes ‘til Midnight” and “Heaven Raining Bullets” appeared in the top 100, most played songs on a few college radio station airplay charts and club rotation charts. The CD was designed as an eight panel, gate fold digipak with front and back cover photos by renowned Philadelphian photographer: Kyle Cassidy, and other shocking photos on the inside by Boston/NYC photographer: Gina Marie. 1500 copies of Say Your Prayers were pressed, less than 30 copies remain available.

Released: 2003

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