This Evil On Earth

1992_this_evil_on_earth4 Song EP Cassette (out of print)

Track List:

  1. Mr. Barnum
  2. Find My Way Out
  3. Opera March of the Empire
  4. Rhino

This EP cassette includes four original recordings written by Myke Hideous: “Mr. Barnum,” “Find My Way Out,” “Opera March Of The Empire” and “Rhino.” With the release of This Evil On Earth, the band made it’s second attempt at gaining recognition in the underground, gothic rock scene. This Evil On Earth was financed by Cyclopean Music (owned & operated at the time by Misfits bassist Jerry Only). Musicians on this EP include: Renzo – guitar, G.D. Ranj – drums and Dan Canzonieri – bass, (who eventually went on to play for such bands as Christian Death, Shadow Project and Electric Frankenstein). The first track “Mr. Barnum” appeared on several compilations worldwide and would eventually be made into the band’s first music video. The song remains a favorite with Hideous fans to this day. Only a handful remain available for purchase.

Cyclopean Records (owned by members of The Misfits)

Released: 1992

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