Body Of Work

71Full length CD

Track List:

  1. Wild Wife
  2. Devious Child
  3. Tower of Empty Hallways
  4. Letters from Puppets
  5. Lock Up Outside (previously unreleased)
  6. Opera March Of The Empire
  7. Rhino
  8. Mr. Barnum
  9. Find My Way Out
  10. Power The Empire
  11. To Thread A Needle
  12. Impious
  13. Kissing Your Poison
  14. November
  15. Parasites Bible

Body Of Work is a compilation album released by Hell’s Hundred Records, of Empire Hideous’ first three musical efforts. It includes: the first 12” EP (aka: The Fly), This Evil On Earth, and Only Time Will Tell. One track from the 12” EP is not included on the compilation, as is one track from Only Time Will Tell. However, the CD does include one song that was never released or heard before by Hideous fans. It was the very first song Empire Hideous ever recorded, entitled: “Locked Up Outside.” All tracks have been remastered. 1000 CDs were pressed.


Released: 2006


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