Victim Destroys Assailant


Track List:

  1. Talk Is Cheap
  2. Stealing From The Crow
  3. God & I
  4. You Follow
  5. Logic
  6. Amazing Murder Machine
  7. This Dead Season
  8. Otherside
  9. Power The Empire ’98
  10. Mr. Barnum ’98

After Myke’s brief career as the lead singer for the Misfits in the summer of 1998, he released an effort of songs that was recorded before he joined the Misfits. The songs that appear on Victim Destroys Assailant were known to the band members as “the January sessions” and were recorded as a live studio session on January 1st, 1998, just before the band had planned to break up on February 15th. More than 25 songs were recorded that day, but only 13 made their way to the album. The three bonus tracks at the end of the CD were taken from the previous EP release: Act IV: It’s Just A Matter Of Time. The musicians on this recording include: Mars Rio-guitar, Eve Lestrange-bass, Jeff Austin-lead guitar and Rafael Angel-drums. This band of musicians is probably the most significant Empire Hideous line up in the existence of Empire Hideous. Myke tried for three years to get a legitimate record deal with this particular line up so a new recording could be produced and released. Empire Hideous’ reputation had reached an all time high between 1995 and 1998, selling out gigs, appearing on TV, in major music magazines and rubbing elbows with high profile bands and musicians. But when Myke came up short handed, with no record deal to document the band’s triumphant stampede of the underground music world, he decided the best thing to do would be to record all the music they had up to that point in time, in the most economical way possible. Empire Hideous spent more than eight hours in the studio that day, recording song after song for the possibility of a “someday” release. Victim Destroys Assailant was released two months after Myke’s departure from the Misfits, on Halloween, 1998, in conjunction with the live recording of Empire Hideous’ final performance at The Bank, in NYC, February 15th, entitled: I’m Dead, You’re Dead, We’re All Dead-Live!. All this took place while Myke was working on a new band he created called: SpySociety99 (SS99). 1000 CD’s of Victim Destroys Assailant were produced and hand numbered by Myke himself. The numbering goes as high as “900”; the other 100 were used for promotion. The CD has since sold out.

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