Out Of Anger

303Full length Cassette

Myke Hideous solo release

Track List:

  1. Stealing From The Crow
  2. Ancient War
  3. Law
  4. Kissing Your Poison
  5. Severed Dreams
  6. New Ocean
  7. Bella Vista

Out Of Anger was a solo project Myke created in his spare time from Empire Hideous. In addition to writing all the material, the songs were recorded on a Tascam four-track mini recording studio. Myke also created the artwork for the cassette sleeve and duplicated 100 cassettes on a duel cassette recorder. The production includes seven songs, written, produced and recorded by Myke. The songs are slightly different sounding than Empire Hideous’ hard rock style. Out Of Anger also contains the original versions of two Empire Hideous songs that were later adopted by the band and performed live before being recorded years later: “Stealing From The Crow” and “Kissing Your Poison.” This item is no longer available.

HAP Music

Released: 1993

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