The Time Has Come

thetimehascomeFull length CD

Track List:

  1. Dance Dead Rhythms
  2. Pretty Faces
  3. Serpents Trance
  4. Stand Off
  5. C’tulhu Returns
  6. Cursed: Demise of Man
  7. Staring at the Walls
  8. Harsh Reality
  9. Sahara
  10. Alone
  11. Oblivion: 3 Years Later
  12. The Time Has Come
  13. Transition Of Machines
  14. I Close My Eyes

In 2008, Myke Hideous made the decision that he would step out of the music industry for good, promising to dedicated Hideous fans that he would release one final studio recorded album from Empire Hideous. Myke began working on this album with guitarist Johnny Nickel in 2006, but had an abundance of interruptions and diversions, including serious illnesses to Myke’s health, thereby preventing him from completing the album in a shorter amount of time. The Time Has Come (in Myke’s opinion) “is the very best Empire Hideous album ever to be released.” All songs were written by Myke while recording, mixing, mastering and performance was executed by Johnny and Myke. It was the most amount of time ever spent on recording an Empire Hideous album, but (in Myke’s opinion) “it was well worth the wait.” An interesting fact about the album: Peter Steele (Type-O Negative) offered to produce the album for Myke as well as help him get the album signed to a label. Unfortunately, as Peter sat taking notes and listening to the material given to him by Myke, his life was tragically taken and he died of heart failure in April 2009. Nevertheless, Myke and Johnny completed The Time Has Come by the fall 2010, releasing the CD independently in 2011. The album contains a total of 14 original Hideous tracks and one bonus cover song. Its production is quite outstanding overall, as one song blends into the next, creating a musical visual when listening to the album in its entirety. The CD is designed as an eight panel, gate fold digipak with front and back cover photographs by renowned Philadelphian photographer: Kyle Cassidy, while inside the listener is treated to the lyrical content of the songs and photographic art from Myke himself. 1000 copies of The Time Has Come were pressed. This album is Empire Hideous at its very best and is a must-have for any/every Hideous fan out there. Highly recommended.

Currently this CD is being distributed independently through and, exclusively.


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