Only Time Will Tell

62Full length CD (out of print)

Track List:

  1. Power The Empire
  2. To Thread A Needle
  3. Impious
  4. Kissing Your Poison
  5. November
  6. Parasites Bible

This was the first LP/CD Empire Hideous released. Financed by New Dark Age Productions, in association with Myke’s Horrible Art Productions (H.A.P. Music), the album contained six original songs. The first song on the CD: “Power The Empire” was eventually adapted into a music video by NYC filmmaker: Mark Steiner. The cover art was taken from a section of one of Myke’s original pieces of art. It was at this point in the rein of Empire Hideous’ existence that the band’s recognition took a turn for the best. Reaching new levels as an unsigned, underground, gothic rock band Empire Hideous began performing outside of NYC and NJ and getting media press from almost every underground fanzine and magazine in the country and abroad; Empire Hideous had finally made its mark in the gothic rock scene, worldwide.

New Dark Age Productions / HAP Music

Released: 1994

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