The Fly

5912″ EP, The Fly (out of print)

Track List:

  1. Wild Wife
  2. Devious Child
  3. Tower of Empty Hallways
  4. The Flies
  5. Letter from Puppets

This was Empire Hideous’ first musical effort. Back then Myke Hideous was known as Myke Itzazone. Other members of the band at that time were guitarist Don Faratu (second founder of the band), Chris Lacognata – drums, Danny Kollar -lead guitar and Fred Collado – bass. All five members were from Paterson, NJ and helped set the stage for Empire Hideous’ future existence. Unfortunately, by the time the first record was released, the original line up of musicians quit the band, leaving Myke on his own to keep the band going. From that point and for the next few years, the road was long and hard for Empire Hideous and for Myke trying to keep the band afloat. The various musicians Myke recruited into the band continually failed his expectations, eventually quitting their positions after only a few weeks or months. Problem after problem would arise, but Myke continued to press onward. His efforts would ultimately pay off. This initial, self-titled album, also know to Hideous fans as “The Fly” album, contains five original recordings: “Wild Wife,” “Devious Child,” “Tower Of Empty Hallways,” “The Flies” & “Letters From Puppets”. The album included a green poster of the fly on the cover, a lyric sheet and an Empire Hideous sticker. All these items were printed by Myke while working as a printer in the late 1980’s. A trivial note about this album: The cover art that appears on the album was printed wrong. The green and sepia colors that appear on the back cover artwork were, in fact, supposed to be the colors used for the front cover. Instead, the Canadian record pressing plant made an error by printing the cover and back cover colors in reverse. 1000 copies of this 12” EP vinyl were pressed. Only a handful remain available for purchase.

Horrible Productions Records

Released: 1990

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