“Everything they do has a sense of precision balanced by madness. Their visuals are superb – Clockwork Orange meets early Christian Death and introducing Sgt Fury to the House Of Hammer.” – Mick Mercer Hex Files: The Goth Bible (UK)

“The imagery of the lyrics is so powerful probably because of the way Myke approaches writing them. They stem from an artist’s perspective rather than from a writer’s. The music the band produces to buoy Myke’s passionate poetry is just as richly embroidered. It is moody and melodic yet powerful, with a hint of Nephilim on Sisters influence.” – Paul Hart – Propaganda Magazine (NYC)

“A brave few remember the days of long ago, when Goth was dark and deadly, a fearsome music to be proud of. Noble, anthemic songs that communicate a brooding desire, a vague desperation. This is the world of The Empire Hideous.” – Angela Dauthi – Lollipop Magazine (Boston)

“Unlike many gothic-influenced bands that wrap themselves in a web of vague aesthetics, Empire Hideous retain enough of their punk roots to speak out passionately on a variety of issues, especially centering on humanity’s destructiveness and lack of respect for the Earth. Not that they’ve forsworn aesthetics or image – a live show is an experience not to be missed. The dark, angry, beautiful music filling a smoky room, while from the stage Myke Hideous declaims his lyrics, gesturing dramatically down at the gathered congregation. But he is no preacher or prophet, although he may occasionally implement metaphors of crucifixion and martyrdom. He allows room for his listeners to bring their own thoughts to his work. When Myke says “Empire Hideous will be the death of me,” he means it.” – Althea Morin – Delirium Magazine (NYC)

“A classic and unpredictable goth band.” – Mick Mercer21st Century Goth (UK)

“It is people like Myke Hideous who make doing a music magazine worth my time and effort. The Empire Hideous is a band that has cultivated it’s own dark underground for over a decade.” – Blu – (CA)

“Superlatively strange singer Myke Hideous, the undisputed ruler of The Empire Hideous, takes the trapping’s of horror rock to their logical extreme.” – Gavin Baddeley – Goth Chic (UK)

“The strange, the bizarre, the eccentric nature of dark apocalpytic fury are just a few things that makes up The Empire Hideous. Cult goth ringleader–the infamous Myke Hideous–will lure you into his twisted world with his enigmatic hypnotic presence. Before you know it, he’ll have you eating out of his hands like kiddies to candy. Experience Hideous, before Hideous experiences you!” – Jennifer Rose – OUI Magazine (NYC)

“Beautiful in their horror, Empire’s dark and twisted plots are set within deceivingly alluring music, much like the sticky sweet nectar of strange and exotic flora that await the next victim. The captive listener triumphs in this ‘Hideous’ creep show.” – Sonya Brown – Gothic Beauty Magazine (WI)

“Myke is a Ghoulish Godfather of rock who boasts an impressive resume. Over the last 10 years, he’s also spent time singing for the Misfits, The Bronx Casket Co. and his SpySociety99 project. But The Empire Hideous has always, undeniably, been Myke’s precedence and his mark of excellence on the music world. He is nothing short of the definition of a true artist. He breathes all his emotions and passions into his music and brings it to life with his powerful croons and screams. Longtime guitarist, Jeff Austin, is alongside him, slinging his trademark sonic drones and wails.” – Bryan Schillo – Unrated (IL)

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