Remixes Through Time


Remixes Through Time

Track List:

  1. Pretty Faces Hideous Mix
  2. Living The American Nightmare
  3. Dance Dead Rhythms LTAN mix
  4. Dance Dead Rhythms Nickel mix
  5. 2 Minutes ’til 12AM Nickel mix
  6. Cursed LTAN mix
  7. The Time Has Come LTAN mix
  8. I Close My Eyes LTAN mix
  9. Nostalgia LTAN mix
  10. Bogus LTAN mix
  11. Electric Bells LTAN mix
  12. A New World LTAN mix
  13. Alone 2008 instrumental mix
  14. Parasites Bible live NYC

When Myke Hideous released Empire Hideous’ The Time Has Come as the final studio recording to come from the band, he had no other plans to release anything else. Well… maybe not. There were several remixed versions of Hideous songs, as well as some tracks unavailable and never heard before that he still wanted to release. Myke collected what he and Johnny Nickel recorded over the years and planned for one final, FINAL Empire Hideous CD to be released, EVER. Remixes Through Time contains 14 original Empire Hideous songs and one bonus track of a live, acoustic cover song. It also contains Johnny’s remixed version of “Two Minutes ‘til Midnight” (Say Your Prayers), several remixed tracks from The Time Has Come, and the song: “Living The American Nightmare” (from the documentary with the same name). It also contains three instrumental tracks recorded for the same documentary. There’s also an acoustic version of “Parasites Bible” (Only Time Will Tell) recorded live at CBGB’s. The CD is designed as a six panel, gate fold digipak, with cover art from Doktor John (chief executive of New Dark Age Productions), who painted a version of Myke (and his now ex-wife) in 1994, entitled: What Happened To American Gothic, inspired by the painting: American Gothic. New Dark Age Productions Records, in association with Hideous Productions pressed 1000 CD’s. Remixes Through Time is a great FINAL addition to one’s Hideous collection of Empire Hideous releases, bringing closure for an Empire that once ruled the east coast goth scene of the USA, for 20 years. R.I.P. Empire Hideous. “Live long the Empire, we break away!”

New Dark Age Productions Records / Hideous Productions

Released: 2013

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